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Limited Scope Representation

Limited Scope Representation comes in many different forms.  Sometimes you just need some advice to assist you while you represent yourself.  Or you may need an attorney to appear with you at a hearing.  Some clients need help drafting forms and documents, or reviewing prenuptial agreements. At Murphy Family Law, we assist many clients who don't need full scope litigation services but just need a little assistance with a specific issue.  Some of the various types of limited scope services we offer include, but are not limited to:

  • Prenuptial or postnuptial drafting;
  • Prenuptial agreement review;
  • Marital settlement agreement drafting and/or review and advising;
  • One-time appearances in court;
  • Consulting only advising services for clients in mediation, who are doing their own divorces, or who need advice while representing themselves in court;
  • Drafting forms and pleadings such as petitions, judgments, and financial disclosures;
  • Drafting stipulations and agreements for filing with the Court;
  • Facilitating the process of getting a QDRO/DRO in place, signed, and filed (note: we do NOT draft the actual QDRO/DRO but we work closely with those who do and we can facilitate that process, help you get it approved by the plan administrator(s), filed with the Court and then served on the retirement plan);
  • Joining retirement plans to a dissolution proceeding;
  • Limited scope representation tasks, for example hiring an attorney to assist in obtaining a change of venue, challenging jurisdiction, or dealing with a discrete issue.

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