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Professional Consulting and Interstate Discovery

At Murphy Family Law, we provide professional consultation and limited scope services for attorneys and professionals in need of assistance with interstate custody issues and discovery matters in the state of California.  Shawn has specialized experience in litigating and trying UCCJEA and UIFSA matters.  In addition to her legal experience Shawn posses a Master of Arts in Political Science with an special emphasis in International Relations and she taught international relations at Chico State.

UCCJEA advising, consulting, and services

Figuring out which state has jurisdiction in a Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) case can be confusing and complex, especially in light of the fact that jurisdictional issues are uncommon in the general scheme of family law practice.  Although the UCCJEA was designed to provide clarity in this area of the law, the jurisdictional rules it spells out can be confusing to most otherwise capable and experienced family law attorneys.

With her experience in interstate child custody cases, Shawn is able to help family law attorneys resolve questions of jurisdiction and enforcement quickly. Some jurisdictional issues can be resolved with a brief phone call, but true disputes are seldom resolved quickly.  In such cases, Shawn can associate in as co-counsel or take an advising role as needed.

For more information on the UCCJEA, see our Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) page or call today to schedule an appointment to discuss our consultations services.

Out of state discovery and domestication of subpoenas in the State of California

We routinely assist out of state attorneys with out of state discovery.  We can domesticate subpoenas, effect process of service of subpoenas on California witnesses and custodians of records and facilitate the enforcement of subpoenas for all civil matters in California.  We have experience conducting discovery both out of state and out of the country.  If you need to conduct oral depositions and/or obtain documents from a Northern California business or resident, or advice on conducting international discovery, contact Murphy Family Law to discuss how we can assist you with your discovery needs. 

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