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Our Mediators

At Murphy Family Law, we have the skills and training to help you mediate your dissolution in a respectful and collaborative manner.  We utilize both attorney and non-attorney mediators in our firm to assist you in resolving your family law dispute.

James Aguirre, Certified Mediator

Our Family Law Mediator and Collaborative Legal Consultant, James Aguirre is a dedicated professional committed to facilitating amicable resolutions in family law matters. Unlike traditional legal professionals, James is not an attorney but works seamlessly with family law attorneys to assist in drafting pleadings and agreements. This unique collaboration ensures a holistic and cooperative approach to resolving disputes while navigating the legal landscape.

James is a certified mediator and and is trained in Alternative Dispute Resolution, which involves a minimum 40 hour commitment to hands on training and study.  He possesses a comprehensive background in Human Resources and Operations Management, and has years of experience mediating work place disputes.

James has extensive experience with family law matters, having worked as a legal assistant and office manager for multiple law firms.  As a legal assistant, James has spent countless hours in the courtroom assisting with family law hearings and trials under the supervision of family law litigators.  James undergoes annual training in family law and legal principals to stay current with changes in the courts and legislature.  This experience in the courtroom gives James an understanding of how judicial officers may perceive and resolve family law issues and allow him to educate clients on probable or possible outcomes if the matter does not resolve by agreement.

Shawn Murphy, CFLS

Shawn has formally trained in mediation and alternative dispute resolution techniques through formal educational courses as well as continuing legal education courses covering mediation techniques and alternative dispute resolution. She earned her Mediation Certification and training in Alternative Dispute Resolution, which involves a rigorous 40 hour commitment to hands on training and study to obtain.  She has mediated countless family law matters since 2016.

Because Shawn is also an experienced litigator, her experience in the courtroom is invaluable to her mediation clients as she is able to educate them as to potential consequences or outcomes clients could anticipate if they were to take their issues of support, custody, and asset division to court before a judge.  This experience allows her to educate her clients to help them make fully informed decisions in crafting their agreements and devising creative and novel solutions to their family law concerns, as well as advise as to the benefits of staying out of court.

Shawn has assisted numerous clients uncouple in a respectful and cooperative manner through the mediation process. 

Every case is different, and in order to fully evaluate your situation, we encourage you to schedule a consultation today.

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